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Photos from EFA2009 are available on the following link: EFA members will receive a username and password.

Welcome to the 36th Annual EFA Meeting


We are pleased to welcome you to the 36th Annual Meeting of the European Finance Association. The meeting will be held August 19-22 at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH) in Bergen, Norway.

Placed between the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, Bergen has always looked outwards and towards overseas markets. Through its harbor setting and early commercial importance, the city was a vital link in the Hanseatic League (an alliance of European and Baltic common trading) in the Middle Ages and early modern period. Bergen has made its living through trade in natural resources for nearly a thousand years, and is today a focal point for the offshore oil and gas industry. A successful combination of culture and mercantile know-how, of finance and research, of tradition and enterprise, has made Bergen what it is today. Norway's second largest city has the facilities and pace of a large city yet the charm and atmosphere of a small city, with its wooden houses, alleys and narrow passages.
Founded in 1936, NHH is the leading business school in Norway. The school is situated in the outer part of the city centre and is an impressive venue looking out over the sea towards the city of Bergen and the surrounding islands.
We look forward to hosting this special event!

Jøril Mæland, Kristian R. Miltersen, Kjell G. Nyborg, and Tommy Stamland
The EFA 2009 Program Committee